pressure washer hosesA high quality pressure washer is worth every penny you pay for it. It helps clean grimy and greasy surfaces around your house, especially when soap, water and scrub do not produce the desired results. You can use pressure washers on a variety of external surfaces such as outdoor sidings, tiles, driveways, patios, decks and vehicles among other things. You save money by cleaning and reviving your existing surfaces instead of buying or installing new ones. Pressure washing can also help prolong the life of the product. The process is easy and can be completed within a short time. You will not require harsh chemicals that are unsafe for your family and the environment. Most pressure washers are sturdy and last for a lifetime with the hose requiring replacement every few years.

Our top pick for an inexpensive hose that fits most pressure washers

pressure washer hosesPowerwasher 80011 Universal Pressure Washer 1/4-Inch by 25-Foot Replacement Hose
The one-fourth inch replacement hose is 25 feet long. The rubber hose does not leave a mark on your concrete and is ideal for SUVs and boats. The hose is ideal for both electrical and gas-powered pressure cleaners with a PSI of about 2600. It requires a 22 mm connection and works well with most pressure washers.

A full line of pressure washer hoses and fittings can be found here.

Selecting the Best Pressure Washer Hose

Pressure washers release a narrow stream of water at a very high pressure. The water hits the targeted surface with lots of kinetic energy and pulls dirt and grime away from it. The flowing water also helps wash the dirt away. Power washers come with engines that are powered by gas or electricity. The engine is connected to a water pump that sucks in ordinary water and expels it at high pressure. A hose, known as the water inlet, connects the pressure washer to a faucet in your home or yard. The inlet has a filter that prevents small particles from entering the pressure washer and damaging it. A high pressure hose delivers the water to the target. Your washer may come with specific attachments such as a rotating brush or a spinning wand spray for heavy-duty cleaning.

Popular Pressure Washer Hoses

  • generac pressure washer replacement hoseGenerac 6115 3,100 Pressure Washer 1/4 Inch by 30-Foot PVC Replacement Hose
    This 30-foot replacement hose can connect to any standard M22 thread connector. It is one-fourth inch in diameter and great for residential use. It is made in the United States and works with most 3100 PSI pressure washers.

  • briggs stratton pressure washer replacement hoseBriggs & Stratton 1/4-Inch X 30′ Pressure Washer Hose 196138GS
    Another customer favorite on, this 30-foot hose is great for residential pressure washers. It has a diameter of one-fourth inch. The replacement hose is made of high quality materials.

  • briggs stratton pressure washer replacement hoseApache 10085591 Rubber Pressure Washer Hose
    This strong and flexible rubber hose is ideal for power washers that use cold water. It has bend restrictors that prevent marks on the concrete. The 50-foot long hose is five-sixteenth inch in diameter. It can be connected to any M22 threaded connector and handles a pressure of 3700 PSI.

  • powerfit non marring pressure-washer replacement hosePowerfit AUN31047A Rubber Wrap Non-Marring High Pressure Hose, 50-Feet
    This universal hose fits most gas-powered pressure washers in the market today. It has a steel-braided core and an external rubber covering. Unlike some of the other products in the market, this rubber hose does not leave marks on the concrete. It is 50 feet long and has a diameter of three-eighth inch.

  • forney pressure washer replacement hoseForney 75185 Pressure Washer Accessories
    This is a heavy-duty hose that is suitable for a temperature of 149 degrees Fahrenheit and a pressure of 3000 PSI. It is 50 feet in length and one-fourth inch in diameter. The sturdy hose is resistant to chemicals and detergents as well. The hose has a smooth rubber covering and fits pressure washers with M22 connectors.

  • karcher extension pressure washer replacement hoseKarcher 9.558-124.0 Extension/Replacement Rubber Hose
    The 50-foot long hose is made of commercial-grade rubber that can withstand a pressure of 6000 PSI. It works with all Karcher and gas-powered pressure washers. It comes with metal adapters that allow consumers to use the hose for extension and replacement. It connects to most M22 threaded connectors.

  • karcher 25 foot pressure washer replacement hoseKarcher 2.642-588.0 25-ft Electric Pressure Washer Quick Connect Extension Hose
    This extension hose has a five-star review on It can be connected to all Karcher pressure washers with quick connect and PSI of less than 2000. The hose is efficient and easy to use.

  • AR North America 25-feet Extension HoseAR North America 25-feet Extension Hose
    This highly-rated pressure washer hose is part of the AR Blue Clean series. The consumer-grade hose is made by AR, one of the most reputed names in the industry.

  • eaglewash nitrile pressure washer replacement hoseEaglewash Wrapped Grey Modified Nitrile Pressure Washer Hose Assembly
    The three-by-eight inch, 25 feet hose is made from modified nitrile. It can tolerate temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and a pressure of 4000 PSI. The wire consists of a metal braid in the core to improve flexibility and strength. It is resistant to common chemicals used for cleaning.

There are other choices as well. Go through the user manual of your pressure washer and look at all the specifications and connections before determining the criteria for buying a pressure washer hose. A good hose will last for a long time and make cleaning simple and less stressful.

Importance of Pressure Washer Hoses

The hose is an important part of every pressure washer. It is the part that actually delivers the water to the target surface. Hoses come in many sizes and textures. A high quality hose will deliver the water at the right pressure. The jet stream will not lose its momentum at the point of exit. The hose will last for a long time without cracks, breaks and leaks. You can stow away the hose easily on a reel system and store the washer quickly after use.

Some washers have specific requirements, while others can handle a variety of hoses. Most manufacturers allow you to customize the length of the hose to suit your needs. You can also purchase an extension for your existing pressure washing hose.

Why Would You Need a New Power Wash Hose?

Most pressure washers come with hoses that are 20 or 25 feet long. This length can accomplish simple cleaning jobs at home. Consumers can, however, buy extension hoses to clean upper parts of their homes and trailers. You can also use them to wash your vehicles, patios and decks more effectively. You will save time and effort required to move the washer from one spot to another during the project. Extension hoses are available in many sizes. Popular choices include 25 feet and 50 feet.

You may also need a new hose to replace your existing hose that is broken and cracked. Most of the best pressure washer hoses are made of highest quality materials and last for a long time. However, they do suffer from damage associated with regular wear and tear. Pressure washers are for external use, and exposure to sunlight and other elements of nature can impact the hoses. Their connections may also get weak and lead to unwanted leaks. Some pressure washing hoses are designed for cold water only. Using hot water can crack them. Damaged hoses lower the efficiency of the washer significantly.

Types of Pressure Washer Hoses

You will find hundreds of pressure washer hoses in the market today. They differ in length, diameter, material and connections and can be classified in many different ways.

Based on Pressure Washer Hose Length

All pressure washers come with a built-in hose. Most products offer 20 to 25 feet long pipes. You will occasionally find pressure washers with 50 feet long hoses or 100 foot pressure washer hose. You can, however, get a new hose to extend or replace the existing one. Popular choices for extensions and replacement include:

  • 20 foot
  • 25 foot
  • 30 foot
  • 50 foot
  • 100 feet
  • 150 feet
  • 200 feet hose

Based on Power Washer Hose Diameter

Pressure washer hoses also vary in diameter. There are three main options:

  • One-fourth inch or 1/4 inch pressure washer hose
  • Five-sixteenth inch or 5/16 inch pressure washer hose
  • Three-eighth inch or 3/8 inch pressure washer hose

Based on Purpose

Pressure washers and their hoses can be divided into two major categories based on their power and functionality.

  • Commercial-grade pressure washers are great for small contractors, businesses and warehouses. They are bulky and come with powerful engine and accessories.
  • Residential-grade pressure washer hoses are ideal for medium-duty cleaning in your home or office.

Based on Hose Connections

Every power washer hose has two connections. One part connects the hose to the water inlet. Other connection links the hose to the gun or nozzle that dispenses the water at high pressure. Hoses can be classified into two major categories based on whether the connections snap or twist. The connections may have male or female threads. Their threads may vary as well. M22 is the most common thread size. It is also easy to find replacements and extensions for hoses with male connections when compared to those with female connections.

Based on Material Plastic or Rubber Hose

Pressure washing hoses are divided into three main categories depending on the materials used to make them. Some materials are hard, while others are durable and flexible. Your options include:

  • PVC Plastic Power Washer Hose
  • Rubber Pressure Washer Hose
  • Polyurethane Pressure Washing Hose

How to Choose the Best Pressure Washer Hose

The right hose can make your pressure washing more efficient and functional. Now that you understand the importance of the hose and all the choices in market, let us move on to understand the criteria that help you invest in the best pressure washer hose.

Step 1 in Selecting a Pressure Washer Hose Length

– Begin by understanding your immediate and long-term needs. This will help you choose the right length for the product. Most people with small homes and vehicles, and regular cleaning needs can work with 20 to 50 feet long pipes. You may need longer hoses to clean houses, buildings and large vehicles. Business owners with commercial-grade pressure washers should always choose longer hoses for improved versatility. You can either go for an extension hose that adds length to the existing pipe or a replacement hose that will completely replace the existing one. The decision will depend on the condition of your existing hose.

Step 2 Do you need a pressure washer extension hose?

– The length of the power washer hose will also depend on the cleaning power of the washer. If you buy a long hose, 200 ft, for a low-power washer, the gushing water will not have the required force for that length of hose. It will not clean very well. Hence, the hose length should be compatible to your pressure washer. Check the product manual for specifications.

Step 3 Measure the diameter or size of the hose

As stated earlier, you will have three different choices – one-fourth inch, five-sixteenth inch, and three-eighth inch. The diameter of the hose is extremely important. Residential-grade electrical and gas pressure washers can do well with a one-fourth inch diameter hoses. They are ideal for all pressure washers with a PSI of less than 2700. If your pressure washer has a PSI value of more than 2700 and less than 3400, go for a five-sixteenth inch hose. The three-eighth inch hoses are designed for commercial-grade power washers that have a PSI of more than 5000.

Step 4 Hose connectors

Check your faucet and the dispenser nozzle. Your pressure washer hose should have a snap or twist connection to match the faucet and the gun. Most guns have a male connector. You will simply need a M22 female connector hose in such cases. If your gun has a female connector, you will also need a hose/gun adapter.

Step 5 Choose a Flexible Pressure Wash Hose

– Look at the material of the hose and try to get a flexible pressure washer hose. Most manufacturers offer PVC plastic hoses that are reasonably priced. However, plastic hoses are inflexible and can break easily. They may be difficult to move and store every day. Rubber hoses are flexible and easy to use but many of them leave a black mark on the concrete when you drag them along during the cleaning process. Polyurethane hoses consist of braided stainless steel cores that are covered by clear and flexible outer coverings. Polyurethane hoses are new to the market. They are flexible and easy to use but do not leave a mark on the concrete.