Pressure Washer EE2015GIf you’ve got lots of items that need to be pressure washed, chances are you’re looking for a heavy-duty pressure washer that can be up to the challenge. One of the most popular heavy-duty electric models on the market today is the Pressure Pro EE2015G, offering a number of features that make any job easier. Available on , it’s made to deliver a professional-quality wash on automobiles, vinyl siding, roofing, concrete or other surfaces. Offering an aircraft-grade aluminum frame and tough pneumatic tires for rolling over rough surfaces, the Pressure Pro is a great value and has been given great reviews by those who have used it on both small and big jobs.

Cleaning Power of the Pressure Pro EE2015G

Offering 1500 PSI and 2.0 GPM, the cleaning power of the EE2015G is good enough for commercial-grade jobs or those weekend projects around the house. The power is easily adjustable using the quick-connect nozzles, which are easily interchangeable depending upon what job needs to be done. Many customers have stated the cleaning power has been excellent even when removing stains that have been on siding or rooftops for perhaps a decade or more, so when it comes to cleaning power we have no hesitation in giving the EE2015G a five-star rating.


The Pressure Pro EE2015G comes complete with some of the most up-to-date features found on today’s pressure washers. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the EE2015G is the engine. The two-horsepower engine, very powerful and quiet, makes the unit able to be used indoors as well as outdoors. Many who purchase this unit have reported being able to put it to good use inside large basements, where it’s been used to remove stains from concrete walls and floors. As stated earlier, the aircraft-grade aluminum frame comes with dual handles, making it very easy to move from one place to another. The two pneumatic tires, ideal for handling tough outdoor terrain, make for easy moving as well. With a weight of 93 pounds, good tires are essential.

To make sure the engine stays dirt-free, the 50-mesh inlet filter works its magic while possessing an easy to adjust pressure unloader and a low-oil indicator shutdown. The gun and wand assembly is fully-insulated, and with 50 feet of high-pressure hose and 5 quick-connecting nozzles the EE2015G gets yet another five stars for its impressive features.


The durability of the Pressure Pro is almost unmatched by others on the market. Customers who have purchased it for commercial or residential use report being able to run it for several hours day after day, reporting no problems with its durability. One reason for its durability is the thermo-sensor, which prevents the unit from overheating while in use. Residential customers report using it at their house one weekend, then a friend’s house the next weekend and taking it to their churches or other places for additional use without experiencing any breakdowns. Based on its performance, the EE2015G gets nothing less than five stars for its durability.

Price and Value

The Pressure Pro is almost considered a steal for the greatly reduced price on While to some people this price may still seem a bit high, we look at it as a bargain. The unit is very sturdy, provides maximum performance, has few if any problems reported while in use and seems able to handle both small and large jobs. While some people prefer electric models that are hand-held or more compact, others need the toughness of a commercial-grade model like the Pressure Pro. In our opinion, if you expect to be doing any pressure-washing jobs that hint of being heavy-duty, you can’t beat the value of the EE2015G.

Electric Pressure Washer Review Summary
  • Cleaning Power
  • Features
  • Durability
  • Price and Value



•Quiet and powerful engine
•Thermo sensor prevents engine overheating
•Quick-connect nozzles
•50-foot high-pressure hose
•Strong frame that won’t break


•Can be a bit bulky
•Price still high for some customers
•Hose can be stiff at times
•Water leakage from connections now and then

Our Advice

Despite a price that some people may still consider too high, this is a great deal for anyone who is serious about their pressure-washing. With an engine that’s powerful enough to be used on almost any job yet quiet enough to be used indoors, it’s a very attractive option among pressure-washing units. The pros on this unit are far more numerous than the cons, and we feel the features and durability make this one hard to resist. So for those customers who have a large budget to spend on a pressure-washer and want only the best money can buy, we recommend the EE2015G as the one to purchase. As you can imagine, it was easy to figure out our overall score for this unit. With few complaints about its performance, along with the low price and numerous features that make it perfect for practically any job, the Pressure Pro EE2015G has a final rating of almost five stars, which we feel is well-deserved.

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