Save a bunch of money on the Pressure Pro E3027HC Heavy Duty Professional Pressure Washer.

Pressure Pro E3027HC Power Washer 300South Florida based Pressure-Pro, Inc., has seen phenomenal growth since its inception in 1995. It has acquired a significant proportion of market share at both national and international levels. All the products are assembled and tested in the United States. The company credits its greater than average growth rate to its quality products and exceptional customer service. Pressure-Pro, Inc., is investing actively in research and development. It hopes to deliver high quality products at competitive prices.

Cleaning Power

Pressure washers can be divided into two major categories – residential grade and commercial grade. The residential grade washers have low horsepower engines that are ideal for cleaning personal vehicles and exteriors of your home. The commercial grade pressure washers are used extensively in industries and warehouses across the globe.

The Pressure Pro E3027HC has been created by Pressure-Pro, Inc., to bridge the gap between residential and commercial grade pressure washers. It is powered by a 6.5 Horsepower Honda GX200 engine. It is great for both residential and casual settings. The compact machine delivers water at a pressure of 2700 PSI and 3 GPM.

PSI, also known as pressure per square inch, measures the pressure of water per square inch. High pressure washers can remove grime and dirt effectively from most surfaces. GPM, gallons per minute, indicates the number of gallons that circulate through the machine each minute. This water helps wash away the accumulated dirt and grime. The Pressure Pro E3027HC dispenses water at a speed of 2700 PSI which is equivalent to most residential power washers. It may not seem very high but the results are exceptional due to other features incorporated into the machine. The GPM of 3 is, however, higher than most casual-use pressure washers. The multiplication product of GPM and PSI determines the working power of Pressure Pro E3027HC.

Gas powered Pressure Pro E3027HC is easy to start. The noise levels are low when compared to some of the other pressure washers in the market. The machine is perfect for washing vehicles and outdoor sidings, brightening wood, removing external stains on your property, and stripping paint.


In an attempt to combine both commercial and residential grade power washers, Pressure-Pro, Inc., has added several innovative features to its Pressure Pro E3027HC pressure washers. Apart from a powerful 6.5 Horsepower GX200 engine, it also comes with a Triplex Plunger Pump from CAT that runs the cooler. CAT pumps are the best in the business and are known for their reliability and efficiency. The plunger prevents excessive intake of air. The engine easy to start, quiet and reliable. To prevent the pressure washer from heating up, Pressure-Pro, Inc., has installed a thermal sensor in Pressure Pro E3027HC. The machine can run for prolonged periods of time without any interruptions. It also consists of an insulated gun and a wand assembly with 5 types of nozzles that are easy to change and efficient.

Pressure Pro E3027HC is CARB compliant and is available for purchase across United States including the state of California. You will also receive a 50 feet long hose which is double the length of what some competitors offer. You can use it to clean tall structures and homes with multiple floors. The hose is of the highest quality and will last for a long time. The special material used to make the hose consists of a plastic mixture that is resistant to wear and tear, heavy objects, and bursting. The long length, however, does not cause the water pressure to drop at any point.

The Pressure Pro E3027HC also consists of a 50 mesh inlet filter that protects the engine from unwanted contaminants. The pressure unloader and the low-oil indicator shutdown also help prolong the life of the engine. The tires of Pressure Pro E3027HC adapt to every type of surface. The user will not feel the vibrations due to their dual padded shock absorbing feet.

Several pressure washer manufacturers claim that their products are ideal for commercial and residential use. Pressure Pro E3027HC is one of the few washers that actually deliver.


Pressure Pro E3027HC is a compact machine that is 32x25x22 inches in size. It is portable and can be carried from one place to another across your home or place of work. In spite of the small size, Pressure Pro E3027HC has a sturdy and strong frame.
The construction is solid. The ultra-light Aluminum frame and the high horsepower engine can handle the toughest jobs at home. The frame is comparable to airplane frames and comes with two handles. It can also tackle a variety of issues within a commercial setting.

Price and Value

The price of Pressure Pro E3027HC is higher than many units focused on the consumer market. This is often the biggest drawback for the casual or the residential user. However, the product is a great choice for small contractors and business owners who are looking for a pressure washer that is more powerful than the residential-grade machines.

The ultra-light construction, robust frame, powerful engine, and exceptional craftsmanship definitely justify the price of Pressure Pro E3027HC. The CAT pump is the best in the market and most pressure washers that use CAT pumps are priced slightly high. Price of Pressure Pro E3027HC is comparable to other such pressure washers.

Pressure Pro E3027HC Review Summary
  • Cleaning Power
  • Features
  • Durability
  • Price and Value


The Good

  • Pressure Pro E3027HC has a 6.5 Horsepower Honda, GX 200 engine with 2700 PSI and 3GPM. It is great for both residential and commercial use.
  • The CAT Triplex Plunger Pump is the best in the business.
  • Thermo sensors and low-oil shutdown help prolong the life of the engine.
  • The padded shock absorbers help Pressure Pro E3027HC to adapt to every terrain.

The Bad

  • Pressure Pro E3027HC is expensive, especially for the casual residential user.
  • The system is less portable than an electrical pressure washer.


Pressure Pro E3027HC is worth every penny you pay for it. It is one of the few pressure washers that actually deliver. It is powerful and easy to use. It will also last for a long time. It is one of the top-rated products in the industry. You will not regret buying it. You should, however, consider your needs and learn about other pressure washers before buying it.

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