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Pressure washers have revolutionized the way people clean their homes and vehicles. These electric or gas portable devices release water at a very high pressure. Grime, dirt and other sticky materials are pulled off the target surface, and the flowing water washes the loose particles away. Pressure washing will clean the surface without damaging its original paint and texture. It is generally used outdoors to clean a variety of surfaces such as cars, RVs, patios, decks and external sidings among other things.

About the Company

You will find a wide selection of pressure washers in the market today. They differ in cleaning power, features, durability and price. Karcher is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the cleaning industry. The company was founded by Alfred Karcher in 1939. Although its initial foray was into airplane motors and cabin heaters, Karcher ventured into the cleaning industry in 1950 with the development of the first European hot-water pressure washer.

The company has grown exponentially since then. It has subsidiaries in 41 countries of the globe and earns 85 percent of its revenue internationally. It also has 16 distribution centers that are spread across most continents. Almost 40,000 service centers in 190 countries strive to offer quality customer service to millions of people. Karcher products have been part of several prestigious restoration projects as well, including St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

How do Karcher Pressure Washers Work?

As with most pressure washers, Karcher products also take in water from a regular faucet. Some washers have accessories that allow them to take in water from a standing source as well. An electrical motor circulates the water at high pressure and expels it through a nozzle that is attached to the other end of the hose. Expelled water extracts dirt and grime from most surfaces and washes them away.

Karcher has come up with innovative ways to make their machines more efficient and powerful. All Karcher X-range, Compact range, and eco!ogic, and EcoSilent range of pressure washers use specialized motors that are cooled by circulating water instead of a fan. The incoming water flows around the engine and cools it before escaping through the nozzle. This feature helps improve the performance and the life of the pressure washer. High efficiency Karcher cleaners help you achieve perfect results while conserving close to 80 percent of water.

Types of Karcher Pressure Washers

Karcher has spent billions of dollars on research and development to create pressure washers that are more portable, powerful and quiet. All Karcher products come with their own set of advantages and can be categorized into three major groups:

  • Handheld Karcher Pressure Washers – Handheld pressure washers are lightweight and compact. You can carry them around the house with ease. They have a square shape that allows for easy storage in a small area.
  • Wheeled Karcher Pressure Washers – Wheeled pressure washers offer easy mobility. They are great choice for homeowners who plan to use the washer around their home and garden. Most units come with two chunky wheels in the rear. You can simply drag the unit to every part of the house.
  • Karcher Pressure Washer with Car – Karcher is one of the few companies that offer a pressure washer specifically designed to clean your car. The portable device can clean every part of the vehicle including the underside.

At present, Karcher makes five x-series of pressure washers.

Karcher K7 Pressure Washer Series:

The K7 series has been designed to handle the most demanding cleaning jobs at your home. All machines come with water-cooled engines and have a PSI value of 2700 or more and GPM of 1.4. This is the biggest difference between

The Karcher accessories, size and price will depend on the actual model. Most machines come with two high quality nozzles that improve efficiency and pressure. You have several choices:

  • K7 Premium
  • K7 Premium Car
  • K7 Premium Home
  • K7 Eco!ogic
  • K7 Compact
  • K7 Compact Car
  • K7 Compact Home
  • K7
  • K7 Car
  • K7 Home

Karcher K5 2000 psi Power Washer x-Series:

The K5 series is all about convenience. It generates a pressure of 2000 PSI. The electrical pressure washers also circulate 2 gallons of water per minute (GPM). All K5 series machines consist of water-cooled engines which lead to a five-fold improvement in the lifespan of the washer. The PSI and GPM of all K5 machines is greater than that of its predecessors. K5 models include:

  • K5 Premium Car
  • K5 Premium Home
  • K5 Compact
  • K5 Compact Car
  • K5 Compact Home
  • K5 Premium Eco!ogic
  • K5
  • K5 Car
  • K5 Home

Karcher K4 X Series:

K4 series also consists of pressure washers with water-cooled engines. The machines come with a convenient hose reel and are ideal for occasional use and mild to moderate cleaning jobs around your house. At this point of time, K4 products are available for sale only in the United Kingdom. Popular K4 series pressure washers include:

  • K4 Premium
  • K4 Premium Car
  • K4 Premium Home
  • K4 Premium Eco!ogic
  • K4 Compact
  • K4 Compact Car
  • K4 Compact Home
  • K4
  • K4 Home
  • K4 Car

Karcher K3 1800 psi Power Washer X Series:

The K3 pressure washers are similar to those in the K5 series. Most machines in this series have a PSI of 1800 and 1.5 GPM. They do not have a hose reel. Hence, consumers have to deal with a loose hose that may be difficult to store. Their small wheels also make K3 pressure washers unstable and inconvenient. Therefore the choice between a Karcher K5 vs K3 easily leans in the favor of the higher priced model. This series also include:

  • K3 Premium
  • K3 Premium Car
  • K3 Premium Home
  • K3 Compact
  • K3 Compact Car
  • K3 Compact Home
  • K3
  • K3 Home
  • K3 Car

Karcher K2 1600 PSI Power Washer XSeries

K2 series includes power washers that are ideal for occasional use and removal or normal dirt. They are affordable and easy to store. Most models are made of plastic and are less durable than the advanced versions. Their cleaning power is determined by a PSI of 1600 and GPM of 1. When looking at the Karcher K2 vs K3 many consumers choose the lower priced K2 because they don’t need the extra power for light jobs around the house.

  • K2 Premium
  • K2 Premium Home
  • K2 Premium Car
  • K2
  • K2 Home
  • K2 Car

The efficiency and cleaning power of a Karcher pressure washer is determined by two important factors – the volume of water that circulates through the machine each minute (GPM), and the pressure with which the water is expelled (PSI). Together, volume and pressure determine the efficiency with which the machine removes dirt and grime from target surfaces and the speed with which it washes the dirt away.

The K7 series includes the most advanced pressure washers with the best cleaning power. They can handle almost any type of cleaning job at your home. Once you buy the right accessories, you will have a machine that is efficient and easy to use.

Karcher’s K4 – K7 series also consist of an Eco!ogic pressure washer. This environment-friendly machine is made from 60 percent recycled materials that do not contain PVC and phthalates. The washer is packaged in a FSC cardboard that is devoid of Styrofoam fillings. All Eco!ogic pressure washers use less water and 20 percent less energy as well.

How to Buy a Karcher Pressure Washer?

Karcher is one of the most well-known names in the world of pressure washers. True to its reputation, the company offers a wide selection of pressure washers and accessories. The choice can be overwhelming and confusing. Should you buy a Karcher k4 vs k5 or perhaps is your decision between Karcher k5 vs k7? The K5 X-Series is widely available in the United States but K4 and K7 are for sale in Europe. For many people living in USA the choice becomes Karcher K2 or K3.

Step 1 – Begin by making a list of all the cleaning jobs in your house. Plan for your future and include tasks that may crop up at a later stage. With regular maintenance, your Karcher pressure washer will last for several decades. You should, therefore, invest in a product that will grow with your needs. If you want a pressure washer for normal cleaning and occasional use, go for K2 or K3 series. Choose a K5 or K7 pressure washer for regular heavy-duty cleaning. These advanced machines can take care of everything from your bikes and cars to patios and decks.

Step 2 – Karcher is one of few companies that offer different pressure washers for your home and car. They differ in the type of accessories they carry. A Karcher pressure washer for the car can clean every part of the vehicle including the underside. The “Home” versions can accomplish normal, moderate or heavy-duty cleaning jobs around your house without damaging the paint.

Step 3 – Choose the right accessories. They will simplify the cleaning process and make it more efficient. A hose with right length will reach every nook and corner. Karcher also offers extension hoses, trigger guns, Vario Power Sprays, Dirt Blaster spray wands, and other accessories along with a storage box.

Step 4 – If you are concerned about the environment or are worried about water and energy consumption of the pressure washer, opt for a product from the Eco!ogic series. You can choose the cleaning power as per your requirements and feel good about helping the environment.

Step 5 – Consider your budget. Karcher pressure washers vary significantly in price, depending on the cleaning power and additional features. K2 series is the most reasonably priced, while K7 pressure washers are the most expensive ones.

Karcher pressure washers will change the way you clean various surfaces in your home. You should, however, take time to learn about each product before investing in it.