Generac 6022 Pressure Washer 300Generac is a well-known name in the portable generator market. The company has been in business since 1959. Their rebranded generators were sold by several companies including Craftsman, Caterpillar and Briggs & Stratton. However, since 2007, the company has been marketing its own generators and power washers and has become a market leader in the field. The company has three large factories that employ thousands of workers in the American Midwest.

Cleaning Power of the Generac 6022 Gas Pressure Washer

Residential grade power washers are versatile machines that can handle a variety of heavy-duty cleaning jobs in your house ranging from washing cars and grills to garage floors and outdoor sidings. You will find both gas and electrical versions, and the choice will depend on your needs and preferences.

Generac offers several residential grade power washers. Their Generac 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM 196cc OHV gas powered washer is one of their best versions. It has a 196cc engine that has the capacity to power up several appliances in your house at the same time. When all that power is used for just one pump of the pressure washer, you can imagine the impact. Generac 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM 196cc OHV gas powered washer is more powerful and efficient than traditional residential pressure washers.

The cleaning power of a pressure washer is determined by two important factors – pressure and volume of water. The pressure helps pick up the dirt and the grease from the surface, while the water helps to wash it away. PSI, or pressure per square inch, indicates the pressure with which the water comes out of the machine. The GPM, or gallons per minute, measures the amount of water flowing through the machine per minute. Together, they represent the power of the pressure washer. A multiplication product of the GPM and the PSI indicates the power value of the pressure washer.

With 2700 PSI and 2.3 GPM, this medium-duty Generac washer can handle most cleaning jobs at your home including cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, gutters, home exteriors, fences, decks, patios and brick walls. Although Generac itself offers pressure washers with higher PSI and GPM value, the Generac 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM 196cc OHV gas powered washer is ideal for most common household needs.

The washer has a noise level of 69dB which is equivalent most vacuum cleaners. Your ears may need some protection during long projects.


The Generac 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM 196cc OHV gas powered washer comes with several cool features that improve its portability and efficiency. It is powered by a horizontal-shaft engine with an overhead valve (OHV). You do not have to bend or kneel to make hose connections. The entire system is placed above the ground and is more accessible than some of the other brands in the market. All the control switches and buttons are at the hip level.

The low-oil shutdown feature helps switch off the machine when it is running out of gas. This protects the engine and prolongs its life. The fuel tank is small and holds up to 0.8 gallons of gas. This ensures easy storage. However, you will run out of gas in 1.5 hours. You will need a 5-gallon jerry can for an 8 hour project. Pressure washers with larger gas tanks usually belong to the commercial grade.

The axle and the wheels support the engine and the pump and offer the right balance for easy maneuverability on all types of terrains and surfaces. The spray gun is positioned perfectly and comes with a unique padded grip that helps reduce vibrations. You can use the gun for prolonged periods of time without getting tired. The spray trigger is easy to pull. There are four quick-nozzle tips – 0-degree Blast, 25-degree Clean, 40-degree Wash, Soap. You can fix or replace the tips with ease. The washer is also equipped with a 25 feet hose.


All the parts of the Generac 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM 196cc OHV gas powered washer are of the highest quality. The wheels never go flat. The frame is robust and sturdy frame. The start-up step is built into the frame along with the gun holster. The axial cam pump is highly efficient and allows heat to dissipate quickly. This extends the life of the pressure washer significantly.

Price and Value

The price of a Generac 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM 196cc OHV gas powered washer is in the middle range for power washers and is on the low end for gas pressure washers. The machine comes with a two-year limited warranty. The product comes in CARB compliant and CARB non-compliant models on The CARB compliant model must be purchased by California residents.

It definitely offers value for the price and is more powerful and effective than an electric pressure washer. It is highly versatile and can perform a variety of jobs at home. It will last for a long time as well. The Generac 6022 pressure washer is made in America by a reputable company with a long history of manufacturing power equipment.

Generac 6022 Gas Washer Review Summary
  • Cleaning Power
  • Features
  • Durability
  • Price and Value


The Good

  • It is a powerful residential-grade pressure washer with a 196cc engine, 2700 PSI and 2.3 GPM. It can handle most cleaning jobs in your house.
  • The entire system is placed above the ground. The control switches are at the hip level. You do not have to bend to make connections.
  • Low-oil shutdown prolongs the life of the washer.
  • It is durable, versatile and easy to use.

The Bad

  • The noise level is higher than electric pressure washers. Your ears will need some protection.
  • Fuel tank can hold only 0.8 gallons of gas. It is good for only 1.5 hours.
  • The washer is not CARB compliant and cannot be sold everywhere.


Cleaning power – 4.5 out of 5
Features – 4 out of 5
Durability – 5 out of 5
Price – 4 out of 5


Generac 2,700 PSI 2.3 GPM 196cc OHV gas powered washer is one of the best products in the market today. It is versatile and can take care of most jobs in your house. It is, however, bigger than an electrical pressure washer. Consider your needs and read about other pressure washers before making the purchase.

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