Pressure washers propel a stream of water to easily rid an area of grime and dirt saving you time and effort compared to other cleaning options. In some cases the removal of paint can take place either on purpose or inadvertent. Therefore, it is best to know the specifications of the washer and make sure these match the job you want to do. Cleaning a boat is one thing while removing the paint is another. Areas like patios, boats, vinyl siding and sidewalks are all good candidates for power washing and with the humungous number of models to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits your needs. Pressure Wash Reviews has compiled information you need to make an informed purchase by providing detailed reviews and helpful articles and guides. A list of the best washers is shown below followed by details on how we put together the ratings.

Best Power Washer Reviews

Name Type Category Rating Price
AR Blue Clean AR118 Hand Carry Electric Consumer 4.3 $
AR Blue Clean AR383 with Hose Reel Electric Consumer 4.3 $
Generac 6022 Residential Pressure Washer Gas Consumer 4 $$
Pressure Pro E3027HC Heavy Duty Professional Gas professional 4.5 $$$$
Pressure Pro EE2015G Electric Prosumer 4.6 $$$
Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric Consumer 4.6 $$

The first step in your buying decision is to understand a little about how we develop the best power and pressure washer reviews.

Pressure Washer Buying Criteria

In our best power washer reviews here at Pressure Wash Reviews we have organized our ratings into four main categories:

  1. Cleaning Power – Cleaning power is a measure of how well the power cleaner will get the job done and is composed of two criteria, how fast the water flows measured in gallons per minute (GPM) and how much water pressure is applied to removing the dirt measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). In our reviews we do not focus on the absolute number because if we did then the huge gas machines will always rate highest. Instead we look at the type of unit, gas or electric, and what type of job the unit is expected do. This allows us to give high cleaning power ratings for smaller electrical units designed for jobs around the house. We do throw out some numbers in our reviews and so to give you some context PSI ranges from 1,000 to 7,000 and GPM ranges from 1 to 7+.
    As you are learning about cleaning power it is a good time introduce the main categories washers are divided into based upon the power and typical jobs the unit is designed to complete; consumer, prosumer and professional.

    • Consumer – Lights jobs around the house like the seasonal patio cleaning or rinsing off a boat, mostly electric powered, lighter and the least expensive.
    • Prosumer – Tougher jobs that require more cleaning power used by homeowners and contractors, can be electric or gas powered.
    • Professional – If you have a large area to clean or use a washer often then a pro model may be a good fit. They are usually gas powered and cost more. These durable units will reduce your cleaning time and no amount of dirt is too small.

  2. Features – Pressure washer come with a variety of features and these can add to the functionality, complexity and cost. Here is where individual preferences comes into play and making the right purchase for you often depends on the features you are looking for. Common features for comparison include how loud is the unit, ease of operation and assembly, the weight of the unit, how well it cleans, and the ability to easily adjust the pressure and nozzle to get just the right stream of water.
  3. Durability – No one likes to replace parts or return a store purchase after only a few uses. Durability of the engine/motor as well as the pump, nozzles, wand and all the other attachments and accessories greatly contribute to a outstanding user experience.
  4. Price and Value – This is where we factor in what the unit costs relative to other similar models on the market. We take into account the price and the value the user gets for the amount of money. A unit with all the features available but an exorbitant price will rate lower than a no frills model and at low price.

Scores from these four rating criteria are averaged to get our overall rating. This overall or summary rating is a good way to see how the different power washer models compare to each other. You will notice that we have very few models that are rated poorly. This is because we have taken the time to pick out only the best power washers and those units that score poorly on one or two criteria, score very high on other characteristics to lift the average score.

What is the Difference Between Electric and Gas Pressure Washers?

  1. Electric Powered Washers

    Electric washers are available in a variety of styles including hand-held, portable, stationary and even wall mount. They also vary in the water temperature, with some models offering only cold water while others provide warm water or hot water. The pressure or PSI available on electric models can also vary, with most providing anywhere from 1200 PSI to as much as 4000 PSI or even more. Depending on the job that needs to be done, the GPM or Gallons Per Minute can also come into play as to which model will work best for you. Most models vary between 1.4-4 GPM, with some offering more. Electric pressure washers are lighter than gas models and this can be a tremendously convenient feature when hauling around your equipment around the house or in and out of an automobile or pickup bed.

  2. Gas Powered Washers

    Gas-powered washers offer many of the same features as their electric counterparts, but tend to be more powerful because they are used in many commercial applications. For those who own pressure-washing businesses, gas-powered models are a must, but many consumers also prefer gas models due to their power and portability. The engines on most gas-powered pressure washers are Honda engines, with many being the GX390 Commercial Series engine. Known for their ease in starting, these engines tend to be very quiet and reliable while offering lots of power.

    Both hot and cold water temperature models are available, with styles varying from business kits and portable models to skid, trailer mount and truck mount styles. Drive type is a feature only found in gas models, with belt, direct or gear-drive models available. PSI and GPM are also higher in gas models, ranging from 2700-4000 or more PSI and 2.5-4 GPM or more depending upon the demands of the user. Many different brands of gas-powered washers are on the market, with some of the more well-known brands including DeWalt, Karcher and Shark.

Best Pressure Washer Review Summaries

AR Blue Clean AR118 Hand Carry

AR Blue Clean AR118 Hand CarryA hand-held model that’s very convenient, the AR-118 gets very good reviews from those who own it. Priced at less than $100, it has a 30-foot power cord and a 20-foot hose. With 1500 PSI/1.5 GPM, it’s powerful enough to clean basic surfaces including decks, patios, sidewalks and porches. Very lightweight and quiet, customers really like the power it possesses and the convenience of a hand-held washer. While the major complaint from customers is the stiffness of the hose and some water leakage from the hose attachment, overall it’s a great bargain.

Pressure Pro EE2015-G Professional Electric

Pressure Pro EE2015GIf it’s a professional-grade pressure washer you’re wanting, try the Pressure Pro EE 2015-G. With a 2-horsepower engine that allows for indoor use, it also has a thermo sensor to prevent overheating. The engine is very quiet, so using it indoors is not a problem. The unit’s frame is known for being very strong, with no welded areas that can fail over the course of time. A 50-foot hose and insulated gun and wand assembly with five quick-connect nozzles make this a very durable unit that can withstand lots of use. This is a good power washer to have if you have a large home with many areas needing pressure-washing, such as large decks, patios or porches. With a list price of $1,625 it can be found for less than $900, so while it’s a bit high-priced it’s a good deal for those who have lots of pressure-washing projects in their future.

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX 3000An best seller, this feature rich and highly rated electric unit scores well with the power of some gas models and the quiet performance of electric models. A nifty feature setting this unit apart is the two compartments for detergent. This allows you to easily easily switch from one job to another without fussing to switch out detergents. It comes with a nearly 3 foot extension wand and wheels make for easy portability to reach those hard to reach spots. The SPX3000 is a best buy for its clever features and relatively low price. This unit will allow homeowners to do most jobs easily without breaking the bank.

AR Blue Clean AR383 Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel

AR Blue Clean AR383Rated as a best-seller on Amazon, the AR-383 is a portable stand-alone unit that’s great to take with you if you need to do a job somewhere besides home. Like the 118 model, it’s got a 30-foot power cord and a 20-foot hose along with 1500 PSI/1.5 GPM capability. What customers really like about this unit is the Total Stop System, where the power to the washer is controlled by the trigger on the gun. The hose reel has a hand crank to keep the hose out of the way, while the wide-angle wand has an adjustable spray tip. However, owners also complained about stiff hoses, so be aware of this before buying this unit. Overall, it’s deemed to be very good for light-duty cleaning jobs, possessing a surprising amount of power.

Generac 6022 Gas Powered Residential Washer

Generac 6022If you prefer the convenience of a gas-powered pressure-washer at your home, the Generac 6022 is the one to own. Reasonably priced, it’s got a 2700 PSI/2.3 GPM capacity. It comes in non-CARB and CARB compliant versions, so if you live in California you’ll need to buy the CARB compliant model. This washer can handle everything you throw its way. Customers really like the ergonomically-designed spray gun, which they say has dramatically cut the fatigue level in their arms and shoulders. When it comes to gas-powered models, a major concern for customers is how easily will they start. The Generac 6022 is said to start very easily and quickly, with many customers saying it almost always starts on the first pull. As with other pressure washers, some customers complained of a stiff hose that tends to kink. Also with this model, customers expressed concerns because the hose connects so close to the muffler, so when it kinks it sometimes rests against the muffler and can melt, so keep this in mind. To solve this problem, many customers bought a replacement hose that was more flexible, which solved the problem. All in all, it gets good reviews and is recommended by most people as being up for any pressure-washing challenge around the home.

Pressure Pro E3027-HC Professional Gas Powered

Pressure Pro E3027HCConsidered the Cadillac of gas-powered pressure washers, the E3027-HC is a heavy-duty, professional grade model that’s able to get rid of the most stubborn stains around. Priced at a very reasonable $799, it’s got a 6.5 horsepower Honda engine that starts easily and is quiet and very reliable. A CARB compliant model, it also has 50 feet of reinforced, high-pressure hose and an insulated gun and wand assembly with five quick-connect nozzles. Having nothing but 5-star reviews on Amazon, it gets rave reviews from customers for its easy set-up and durability. Many customers did state there were a few minor things to do when first setting up the machine, such as checking the engine oil and making sure you’ve got the fittings and the wand on the trigger gun properly connected. Otherwise, it’s considered a great machine that most professionals say is one that should last them for many years to come. One hint from some customers is to lay in a good supply of O-rings, because many reported blowing out some the first time they used the washer. Other than that, it’s a durable chassis with a reliable engine and lots of power, and is highly recommended by those using it in their businesses.