ar blue clean ar383 electric pressure washerAnnovi Reverberi (AR) is one of the top names in the pressure washer industry. The Minnesota-based company has introduced several innovative products that have revolutionized the sector. AR has been reinvesting a significant portion of its revenue in research and development to create new products based on the needs of the consumer. The AR Blue Clean series includes a series of power-jet cleaners that are efficient and easy to use. The company has been in business for more than 50 years and its researchers have relied on their past experience and expertise to create AR Blue Clean AR 383 and other products in this line.

The company does a great job of supporting their pressure washers with a full line of accessories and replacement parts including:

  1. The AR 25 feet extension hose.
  2. A deck, patio, and flat surface cleaner.
  3. Quick connect hose adapter.
  4. A cover to store your pressure washer inside or out.

Cleaning Power

AR Blue Clean AR383 is an electric pressure cleaner that has been designed mainly for residential use. The portable device with 1900 PSI and 1.5 GPM is one of the best in the market today. PSI refers to pressure per square inch. Pressure washers with high PSI can remove dirt and grime from the target surface more effectively. Although gas washers come with high PSI values, 1900 is a very high number for portable, electrical pressure washers.

The dirt that is released is washed out by the flowing water. GPM measures the flow of water in terms of number of gallons per minute. A high number indicates efficient cleaning. Like PSI, GPM values are higher for gas-powered pressure washers. However, AR Blue Clean AR 383 with a GPM of 1.5 is highly efficient.

The GPM and the PSI of the pressure washer together determine its cleaning power. AR Blue Clean AR 383 is one of the most powerful electric pressure washers in the market today. The washer is great for most small to moderate household jobs such as washing a car or a boat, degreasing a grill, or cleaning the patio or deck. You will, however, need a heavy-duty gas pressure washer to clean outdoor sidings and extremely grimy surfaces.

AR Blue Clean AR383 comes with an 11 amp engine that is very quiet. You can use it in the middle of the night without any worries. Even the high pressure tip does not make any noise.


AR Blue Clean AR383 comes with several features that make it portable and easy to use. It has a plastic exterior with several copper and aluminum accessories. The kit also contains a lance, gun, jet nozzle, foam dispenser, hose, soap bottle, foam generator, and gun. The entire system is mounted on wheels for easy maneuverability.

The AR Blue Clean AR383 cleaner almost looks like a vacuum cleaner and weighs only 27 pounds. Unlike some high-powered gas pressure washers, you will not feel overwhelmed. It can be assembled within minutes. You can change the attachments and accessories without any additional effort. You can adjust the spray head according to your convenience.

The upright pressure washer comes with a 20 feet long plastic hose. It is durable and strong. The pressure washer has a reel system to stow away the hose. However, you may not be able to reel it easily as the hose coils up on itself. This makes storage of AR Blue Clean AR 383 complicated and time consuming. Many users may want to extend the length of the hose for greater reach. You should, however, remember that AR Blue Clean AR 383 is not as powerful as a gas-powered pressure washer. Longer hose length may impact its efficiency.

Manufacturers have also installed several safety features into AR Blue Clean AR383. It comes with an automatic safety valve and pressure shut-off at the head. Users can rely on the Total Stop System for quick stopping and starting. AR Blue Clean AR 383 is a cold water pressure washer. It is not as effective on grease and oil as washers that mix hot water with the detergent.


When compared to other electric pressure washers, AR Blue Clean AR383 is highly durable and sturdy. All the high quality components are made and assembled in the United States. However, the durability of the frame is no comparison to the metal frames found in gas-powered pressure washers. The plastic water inlets and outlets also break and leak easily. Many consumers have replaced them with brass fittings.

Price and Value

The price of AR Blue Clean AR383 is very competitive and makes this an best seller. It is not the most powerful or durable system. However, it is one of the most value priced pressure washers in the market and is definitely worth the price. The manufacturers offer one-year limited warranty on all parts and repairs. You are, however, responsible for regular maintenance and care.

AR Blue Clean AR383 Review Summary
  • Cleaning Power
  • Features
  • Durability
  • Price and Value


The Good

  • AR Blue Clean AR 383 is a powerful electrical pressure washer that is great for most small to medium household jobs.
  • The engine is quiet. Use anytime without disturbing family members and neighbors.
  • It is portable and easy to use.
  • AR Blue Clean AR 383 contains several safety features such as automatic safety valves and pressure shut-off.

The Bad

  • You cannot increase the length of the hose. The machine does not have the power to handle it.
  • It is difficult to store the plastic hose as it curls up on itself.
  • AR Blue Clean AR 383 is a cold water pressure washer. It is not as effective as some of the other versions that heat up the water.
  • Plastic water inlets and outlets break easily.


AR Blue Clean AR 383 is powerful electrical pressure washer. It is portable and simple and is great for everyday use. Gas pressure washers, however, can be more powerful and efficient. Learn more about all the available options and make an informed decision.

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