AR118 Pressure WasherOne of the best compact electric pressure washers on the market, the AR-118 has been a favorite of customers since it was first introduced. Very lightweight and inexpensive, it can be taken almost anywhere that a person needs to clean. Whether it’s vinyl siding, concrete, patio furniture or decks the AR118 has the power to do the job right every time. With the adjustable spray nozzle, storage area for the power cord and the capability to use detergent built-in, it delivers the perfect combination of cleaning power and ease of use. We found it to be among the lowest priced electric power washers on, it’s looked at as a great bargain by those who have purchased it. Along with its high ratings in various categories and many recommendations from satisfied customers, the AR118 has positioned itself as a leader among compact pressure washers. This model is made especially for those people who want power and portability in their pressure washer.

AR-118 Electric Pressure Washer Cleaning Power

Offering 1500 PSI and 1.5 GPM, the AR-118 may be small in stature, but definitely packs a heck of a punch. Many customers note that if you’re not careful, you can easily tear up pressure-treated decks or hurt yourself if you accidentally spray yourself with the powerful stream of water. Made to get rid of dirt and grime from everything from decks to automobiles, the AR118 power washer comes with an adjustable nozzle that can shoot out anything from a light mist to a cutting stream of water. Overall, the cleaning power is excellent for such a small electric unit, but is doesn’t match that of larger gas models.


The AR-118 has a number of features that make it so popular with customers. The 30-foot power cord lets you be able to plug it in and get where you need to go, while the 20-foot hose lets you hit the high spots that might otherwise go unwashed. One of its best features that customers rave about is the automatic safety-valve with pressure shut-off at the pump head, making it safe for almost anyone to use. Some customers have chosen to purchase an additional add-on nozzle from the company itself, though most say the stock nozzle that comes with it is more than capable of removing whatever dirt and stains are present on the surface. The unit assembles very easily, and works very well with a standard 120-volt outlet and garden hose.

One of the unit’s features that many customers like is its quiet operation. While not putting out as much power as a gas-powered unit, it’s still more than capable of getting a job done without making enough noise to rouse the neighbors. While some people felt the connections were a little fragile for tougher jobs, overall the AR118 gets high marks for its features.


For a hand-held unit that’s considered to be a light-duty model, the AR-118 has proven to be a very durable piece of equipment. Some customers say they only use their unit a couple of times per year, while others say they are using it almost every weekend on one project or another. No matter how often it’s used, everyone seems to agree the AR118 can be run for hours on end without worry of it failing or producing less power. On many occasions, it was used multiple days in a row for several hours, with few if any problems reported. The vast majority of customers report the original unit they purchased has continued to work fine for several years, so based on this we feel confident in giving it a high rating for durability.

Price and Value

If you’re looking for a pressure washer that’s portable, easy to use and won’t bust your budget the AR-118 is the model for you. Compared to many other pressure washers, it seems to be a great value as it is one of the lowest priced models among Blue Clean’s stable of products. It’s proven itself capable of handling pressure washing jobs on a variety of surfaces, lasting for many years and tackling jobs that many higher-priced models would have difficulty with. A good starter model for those doing occasional jobs, its price and value make it a top rated washer.

AR118 Electric Pressure Washer Review Summary
  • Cleaning Power
  • Features
  • Durability
  • Price and Value



•Compact and easy to use
•Lots of power for its size
•Easy to assemble
•Very durable


•Occasional water leakage at connection points
•Hose can feel stiff at times
•Pressure sometimes hard to adjust
•Instructions difficult to understand


Despite some difficulties customers had understanding instructions and the occasional water leakage at some connection points, the strengths of the AR118 far outweigh any weaknesses it may have. The amount of features it possesses, along with its low price and established durability, prove it’s one pressure washer that can stand up to the competition. Overall, it’s a unit that would appear to be compatible with almost any job most customers would have around their home, so we feel it’s well worth buying. If all goes as expected, it should provide many years of quality work removing tough stains and dirt around your home. Highly recommended by those who already own it, we also highly recommend it as a great value for light duty.

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