When your car, boat, deck or sidewalk are grimy and dirty many people’s thoughts turn to make everything look new again. One of the best ways to do so is by using a pressure washer around one’s home, making decks, patios, vinyl siding and more look brand new. For those wanting to learn more about pressure washers, there are plenty of them from which to choose. We researched pressure washers and selected the best power washers for our reviews.
Electric Pressure Washer Reviews:

Gas Pressure Washer Reviews:

  • Generac 6022 Gas Pressure Washer – A rugged gas pressure washer designed for residential use. This cleaner can make quick work out of almost any household chore.
  • Pressure Pro E3027HC Gas Powered Pressure Washer – A great high end gas model designed for the toughest jobs. This unit is among the highest priced models we have reviewed but you get an awesome cleaner. A great value if you need lots of cleaning power.
  • Simpson PS3228-S PowerShot Pressure Washer – The Simpson PS3228-S is one of the most in demand commercial pressure washers on the market today. It is a very good value for a heavy duty power washer.

Types of Washers

karcher 1800The two major types of pressure washers are electric or gas models. When deciding which pressure washer to buy the type of washer is your first decision. Gas power washers are usually more powerful but you have to keep it fueled and more maintenance is required. In some states like California there are emissions standards which need to be met. Gas models are not good for indoors because of the toxic fumes they give off and the risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

In contrast, electric models are better suited for indoor washing as they do not produce exhaust from an internal combustion engine. As you read through our best electric pressure washer reviews you notice there are many highly rated electric models with enough power to complete almost any job. Sun Joe offers three good models and the SPX3000 power washer is one of our best picks. Electric power washers are usually lighter and offer a good balance of power without the hassle of refueling, although you will be tethered to an electrical outlet by the ever present cord.

Weights of power washers can vary, with small hand-held units weighing less than five pounds while larger models can weigh 200 pounds or more. Most have single-wand spray guns, with smaller versions often having plastic wands while commercial-grade models have metal wands. Most spray gun connections are quick-connecting, accomplished by simply screwing onto the hose. In addition, there are a number of popular attachments, supplies and accessories needed before choosing which pressure washer will do the best job for you and your home.

Pressure Washer Accessories and Attachments

Along with the reviews for individual pressure washers, we also have articles and reviews for all the extra equipment which goes along with pressure washing. Sometimes it’s necessary to buy replacement parts or other accessories for your pressure washer, and there are many available for consumers.

Many customers often purchase kits containing replacement hoses, wands and spray guns. The Spray guns are made with comfort grips to let users work for longer periods of time with less fatigue to their hands, arms and shoulders. The wands usually accept most types of quick-connect spray nozzles, allowing for ease of use. Hoses are lightweight and flexible as always, and are compatible with most units as well. When choosing accessories, be sure they will work with your washer. For example, some accessories will only work with cold water units, while others will only fit pressure washers up to certain PSI and GPM levels, so be sure to check your washer’s specifications before buying accessories that may not be compatible with your model.

  • extension wandPower Washer Wands – When it comes to pressure washers, many attachments are available to help get the job done right. Extension wands are some of the most popular, allowing a user to clean second-story windows, large vehicles and other hard-to-reach areas. Wide-area surface cleaners are used to rapidly clean such areas as patios, decks and the chassis or underbody of vehicles. Many are hand-held, and have a cleaning surface of 10-16 inches in diameter. Telescoping wands are available for electric and gas models, and allow for cleaning of gutters or other high-surfaces without using a ladder or scaffolding. Most use hot or cold water, easily connect to most sizes of hose and are easily retractable. However, the downside is some do not dispense soap at all or don’t at low pressure, so be aware of this before purchasing.
  • water broomPressure Washer Brooms – Water brooms are great attachments, and can make cleaning a patio or deck a breeze. Most come with four nozzles and are on wheels, allowing users to simply roll them across a surface while cleaning. Attaching directly to a wand without needing adaptors, they are usually able to apply soap while cleaning as much as a 14-inch path. Providing less strain to a person’s back and arms, these are very popular.
  • spray nozzlesSpray Nozzles – Turbo nozzles, costing as little as $30, can help with very stubborn stains but should only be used on durable surfaces. Therefore, it’s best to test this nozzle on an inconspicuous area first to make sure everything will go as planned. Cleaning speeds can be increased by up to 50%, while water temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit can be accommodated. Most have quick-connection plugs that work with many pressure washers, making for a quick and easy job.
  • hoseHosesHoses can be constructed of plastic or rubber, with most models possessing rubber hoses for added durability. Diameters can vary from 1/4-3/4 inches or more, depending upon the type of jobs in which the washer will be used. Hose storage is usually done on a hook, with hose lengths varying from 10-50 feet.

Power Cleaner Supplies

As with any job, you’ve got to have the right supplies on hand to make sure everything gets done right the first time. For any pressure-washing job, certain supplies are a must. Perhaps the most important supply to have on hand is additional detergent, for without that there won’t be any suds available to wash away the dirt and stains.

Keep the Power Going
Extension cords are also helpful, especially for those using electric models. Nobody wants to get ready to do a job, only to find they don’t have enough cord to reach all the way. If you’ve got a gas-powered washer, having extra gas cans full of gas is always a smart idea, as are bottles of pump oil and fuel stabilizer. If you’ve got a pressure washer with pneumatic tires, having a can of tire sealant around with you can come in very handy in the event of a flat tire. Since some pressure-washing units weigh 200 pounds or more, trying to carry a unit around all day that’s got a flat tire will make for a very long day indeed.

Pressure Washer Company Guides

A variety of surfaces and vehicles benefit from pressuring washing. However, precautions and proper technique are important.

There are many companies producing power washers. These companies include:

  • Sun Joe which started out producing snow blowers under the name Snow Joe and has since expanded into selling pressure washers. The Sun Joe pressure washers are mainly aimed at consumers and are popular on Amazon. They have a several DIY friendly models for sale.
  • Karcher is a German company with worldwide sales on all continents. They offer a broader product line than Sun Joe with models specifically designed for car washing and jobs around the home. The company also produces an ecologically friendly line of washers.